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Research is at the heart of advancing horticulture understanding to improve upon our practices for the next generation. Our researchers produce knowledge on a wide range of plant species, including the traditional horticultural plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The department also conducts research on Minnesota’s native plant populations, including exotic species with invasive potential. Minnesota’s interesting climate — which in a single year can produce temperatures ranging from -50 to 100° F — offers researchers and students a special opportunity to study plant life in extreme conditions. The stable climate of Alderman Hall offers others the opportunity to research plant life on a more fundamental level in laboratories furnished with the latest technology.

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Horticulture's corner of campus
A bird's-eye view of Horticultural Science's corner of campus: the Display & Trial Garden in the foreground, our greenhouses across the back, and some of our plots beyond them and to the left.

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In the Lab

Close up of fingertips opening the flower

A lab worker pollinates a Brassica flower.

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