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Hort Club is an active group of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in plants and horticultural science. Throughout the year, Hort Club offers many opportunities to its members for learning more about horticulture.

Spring Plant Sale May 8-9, 2014
9am-5pm (later on Friday if we're not sold out!)

-Herbaceous perennials, small trees, shrubs, edible annuals, house plants, Mycology Club products (grow-your-own mushroom kits), and more!
-Limited availability of unique plants such as Gingko bushes, Daphnes, Magnolias, Hellebores, Trilliums, Acer (Maples), and more! 

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We will be located in a big white tent on Gortner Avenue, just south of Larpenteur Avenue.
-If you have additional questions about the plants we'll be selling, how to get there, or anything else, please email
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Hort Club holds several plant sales throughout the year: the Winter Holiday Sale, the Spring Sale, and other houseplant sales. Students grow and propagate most of the plants sold at these events themselves. Every year, Hort Club takes an educational trip to learn more about the horticulture industry and plant diversity. Previous destinations include New York City, Hawaii, San Diego, and Miami. In 2012, the club traveled to California and visited the area surrounding San Diego. Proceeds from the plant sales completely cover the costs of these trips. Hort Club holds other group activities throughout the year, such as floral-design workshops, pumpkin carving, apple picking, hands on activites in plant breeding, and maintaining an aquaponics system.


Plant Sale

Thank you to all who joined us for the Hort Club's 2013 Dorm & House Plant Sale!


Feel free to contact the club at!

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President: Emmi Klarer
Vice President: Matt Ng
Secretary: Becca Splichal
Treasurer: Jessica Jacobson
Historian: Eli Rasmuson
Sr. Greenhouse Manager: Lillian Garber
Jr. Greenhouse Manager: Vinz Karl
Event Coordinator: Clemon Dabney
Plant Specialist: Tyler Schmidt
Web Master: Lila Westreich

Faculty Advisor: Stan Hokanson

Contact Emmi Klarer ( to be on the Hort Club email list and receive notices about the meetings.