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Ornamental Grasses
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Research Interests

Dr. Meyer joined the Horticultural Science faculty in 1993 and has primarily an Extension/outreach and research appointment. Her research interests include native and ornamental grasses and sedges, especially Miscanthus, Schizachyrium, Pennisetum and Carex pensylvanica. She has studied propagation and production of grasses including cold hardiness, and low maintenance sustainable landscaping. Blue Heaven is a patented little bluestem,(Schizachyrium), she released in 2007. She also conducts research on alternative low maintenance turfgrasses. She has studied Miscanthus and where it has escaped in the United States especially in National Parks and authored the website entitled Miscanthus: Ornamental and Invasive Grass. She is the author of Ornamental Grasses for Cold Climates which can be purchased from the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Dr. Meyer is responsible for the development and coordination of statewide multi-media educational programs in environmental and consumer horticulture, including sustainable home landscapes. Her main office is at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum where one of the largest ornamental grass collections is on display for the public. Sarah Elliot, a former Water Resources graduate student working with Dr. Meyer, measured the effect of the Arboretum’s rain garden and has published information on the rain garden and run off model at the Arboretum. From 1993-2007, Dr. Meyer was the State Coordinator for the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener program. For two years, 2008-2010, Dr. Meyer was the Interim Director of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. She coordinates the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum summer internship class, Hort 4096, and teaches international classes including Hort 3000, Global Seminar on English Garden History.

Follow this link to view projects completed by Meyer's Master's of Agriculture graduate students.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

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Phone: 952.443.1447
Websites: Miscanthus: Invasive and Ornamental Grass, Grass Talk Blog, Blue Heaven, Twitter page

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